The nine chapter of the Mamonaku Kaien! manga series was published in the 37th volume of Dengeki Daioh G.


Both Mary and Tetsuko have the cold, leaving Kanacchi alone without anybody she knows in her class. When her teacher suddenly asks everyone to form into groups of three for a class assignment, Kanacchi is thrown into a panic. Having always been friends with Mary and Tetsuko, forming a group would have been easy had they been in class that day.

However, Kanacchi's teacher finds two other girls not in a group, and calls for Kanacchi to join them. Kanacchi is intimidated by the girls, who belong to a completely different social crowd, and are seemingly lax and uninterested in doing any school work. Having forgotten Kanacchi's name right from the start, Kanacchi immediately dreads the very thought of working with them.